Purple Foot Club Alcohol Policy

The consumption and evaluation of wine that we and other club members have made, as well as commercial wine, is an essential part of improving our winemaking skills.  While the overwhelming majority of consumption is done in moderation, the nature of the beverage is such that there is always some risk of excess. 

It is the policy of the Club that consumption of alcohol at any Club event, by members or guests, be done only in moderation.  Members and guests, being of legal age, are responsible for monitoring their own consumption, and, if necessary, avoiding situations that would place them at significant risk for over-consumption.  Any member or guest who is obviously intoxicated at any Club event will be considered to be in violation of this policy.

Each member or guest has a responsibility to ensure that they are legally fit to drive following a club meeting, or on other occasions when they may be consuming alcoholic beverages, before they attempt to drive.  As an aid to members and guests in assessing their own level of sobriety, the Club will make available a breath-alcohol measuring device at all Club events (regular meetings and Board meetings).  The Club cannot guarantee the accuracy of such devices, but encourages members to consider using the device if they are unsure of their own level of sobriety.  The measurements of such devices, by themselves, shall not constitute evidence of intoxication for the purposes of this policy.

Members and guests are expected to comply with this policy, as a condition of their participation in Club events.  Failure to comply with this policy shall constitute grounds for termination of membership in the Club.

"The Purple Foot" is a 501(c)(7) non-profit organization. 

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