Where to Purchase Winemaking Equipment

Equipment and supplies are available from many suppliers.  Those listed here are not endorsed by the Purple Foot club, but ones with which our members often do business.  Vendors who offer discounts to Purple Foot members are indicated below.

Members interested in getting volume discounts on the purchase of wine bottles may want to contact Rob Fowler, a club member who has a commercial winery and regularly purchases substantial amounts of bottles.   

Midwest Supplies / Northern Brewer

These companies are under common ownership, and have several retail sites around the Twin Cities.  They are usually good sources for wine kits, and the most commonly used yeasts and additives.  They normally stock carboys, tubing, corks, etc. Larger pieces of equipment such as presses, crusher/de-stemmers, stainless steel tanks  tend to be seasonal or special order only. Members are entitled to a 10% discount on purchases made at the stores (not online).  


Based in Concord, California, with warehouses in California and Pennsylvania.  MoreWine generally has a wider array of corks, equipment and yeast varieties than other suppliers. They stock French, American and Hungarian oak barrels, as well as various sizes of stainless steel tanks, and equipment for large-scale amateurs and smaller commercial wineries. They also have many good articles (available for download) on specific winemaking topics.

Presque Isle

Presque Isle is based in Pennsylvania, and has been a supplier of wine-making products and ingredients for many years.  They also operate their own commercial winery, and can ship wine to most parts of the USA, including Minnesota.  Members are entitled to a discount.

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