Club Presentations

Below are links to club presentations from years past.

DateTopic  Presenter
 January 2024 Tannins in Wine  (youtube video) 
Joey DeCarlo
 November 2023 Flaws as Finishes Chad Redlin
 June 2023 High Acidity Winemaking Drew Horton
 January 2023 Aged Wine Joey DeCarlo
 January 2022 Tasting of New Zealand Wines  Maureen Janke
 January 2021 Sulfites and Wine DeCarlo and Redlin
 September 2020 Back to Basics Rob Fowler
 January 2019 Acid Presentation Mike Little
 November 2018 Merlot Makes a Comeback Steve Kroll
 November 2017 German White Wines Steve Zins
 January 2017 Taking the Mystery out of MLF Steve Kroll
 November 2016 Wine and a Movie List Steve Kroll
 November 2015 Chardonnay Kroll and Hudson
 November 2014 German Red Wines Steve Zins
 April 2014 Unusual Wines of the USA Terry Metelak
 November 2013 Wines from Unusual Places Doug Hudson
 September 2013 Icewine Tutorial Steve Kroll
 April 2013 Italian Killer B's Steve Kroll
 March 2013 Dessert Wines Gordon Rouse
 September 2012 Titration using a pH Meter Steve Kroll
 September 2012 Red Wine Tips and Tricks Steve Kroll
 September 2012 Intro to MLF Gordon Rouse
 September 2012 Acid Titration - White Larry Moore
 September 2012 Acid Titration - Red Larry Moore
 April 2012 Blush Wines Doug Hudson
 November 2011 Unusual Grape Varieties Doug Hudson
 April 2011 Blending with the Rhone Rangers Doug Hudson
 January 2011 White Wine from Pails Joe Palla
 January 2011 Red Wine from Pails Joe Palla
 November 2010 Pinot Noir Around the World Steve Kroll

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