Grape and Juice Sources

Various vineyards in Minnesota and Wisconsin may have grapes available in the fall. For Minnesota vineyards, go to: and search for "grapes".

Several folks associated with the club bring in fresh or frozen grapes or juice. Information about varieties available, prices, timing, etc. is usually available sometime in August or early September.

Duane Van Hoever

Phone 651-373-5302

Duane brings in fresh grapes and pails of fresh juice, mainly from central California. These are good, affordable grapes and juice, and generally make very pleasant wines. Grapes normally come in 36# lugs, and usually arrive in late September. Must be pre-ordered; a crusher-destemmer is often available for use at pick-up. Juice pails arrive a few weeks after the fresh grapes, often in early October.

Mike Little

Phone: 952-994-0146

Mike coordinates a group buy of high-quality fresh red grapes from Washington state. These come in 900# pallet-loads; interested folks buy one or more units of 1/5 of a pallet-load of a particular grape (roughly 180 lbs, should make 10 -12 gallons of wine). The grapes normally arrive in one or more shipments in September or October, depending on harvest conditions in Washington. Varieties of pressed white grape juice may also be available.

Wine Grapes Direct

Wine Grapes Direct sells frozen pails of premium crushed red grapes and white juice, similar to Brehm Vineyards. They have no affiliation with the Purple Foot, but club members have ordered pails from them before, and had good results. Shipping costs may be significant for small purchases.

"The Purple Foot" is a 501(c)(7) non-profit organization. 

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