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One benefit available to all Club members is our own club library collection.  Like any public library, the collection consists of mostly books, but also contains a few periodicals, and some videos on DVD and VHS tape format.  Some of the materials have been donated by members, so while old, they are valuable as some are no longer in print.  We also have a small budget to add materials and purchase new additions on request or if they look like they will be of interest to club members.  The collection consists of materials organized in the categories of food and cooking (recipes and wine pairing), wine education (appreciation), wine making (enology), and general interest (mostly regions and stories of wineries).  Review the entire list and if you’re interested in borrowing an item or more, contact the Club Librarian for the easiest method of getting the items to you.

Catalog updated:  January 2024

The current librarian is Larry Janke

Category  Item Title Author  Comments Year
Cookbooks & Food/Wine  F01  California Wine Lovers Cookbook  Herbert, Malcolm    1983 
Cookbooks & Food/Wine   F02  Pairing Wine and Food  Johnson-Bell, Linda    1999 
Cookbooks & Food/Wine   F03  Simply Delicious: 245 No-Fuss Recipes - All 8 points or less  Weight Watchers  A new paperback acquisition in 2007  2007 
Cookbooks & Food/Wine   F04  The Perfect Match  St Pierre, Brian  Pairing Delicious Recipes with Great Wines - replaced 12/2023
Cookbooks & Food/Wine   F05  The Vintner's Table Cookbook  Evely, Mary  replaced 12/09
Cookbooks & Food/Wine  F06  What to Drink with What you Eat  Dornenburg, Andrew and Page, Karen  Recommended by Bob Parke - reviewed in May 2011 newsletter  2011 
Cookbooks & Food/Wine   F07  Williams-Sonoma Food and Wine Pairing  Williams, et al.  replaced in 2009  1999 
Cookbooks & Food/Wine  F08  Wine and Everyday Cooking: Cooking with Wine for Family and Friends  Ballard, Patricia and Goyan Kittler, Pamela (Ed)  replaced in 2009  1982 
Cookbooks & Food/Wine  F09  Recipes from the Chateaux of Burgundy  Gilles du Pontavice, Bleuzen du Pontavice  Paperback, Editions Ouest France  2001 
Cookbooks & Food/Wine  F10  The Babbo Cookbook  Mario Batali  Hardcover, 150 recipes covering contemporary Italian cooking  2002 
Cookbooks & Food/Wine  F11  The Food Lover's Guide to Wine  Karen Page, Andrew Dornenburg  Hardcover, food-wine pairing, from the authors of "What to Drink with What You Eat"  2011 
Cookbooks & Food/Wine   F12  Everyday Dining with Wine  Immer, Andrea  125 Wonderful Recipes to Match and Enjoy with Wine  2004 
Cookbooks & Food/Wine  F13  The Flavor Matrix Briscione, James and Brooke Parkhurst
Hardcover. The art and science of pairing common ingredients to create extraordinary dishes
Cookbooks & Food/Wine  F14Nose Dive: A field Guide to the World's SmellsMcGee, HaroldThis former NY Times columnist writes about the science of food and cooking.2020 
General Interest  G01  A Cultivated Life  Sterling, Joy  A one-year diary of the Iron Horse Winery. replaced 2009  1994 
General Interest  G02  All About Wine Cellars  Goldberg, Howard G.    2004 
General Interest  G03  Angels' Visits: an inquiry into the Mystery of Zinfandel  Darlington, David  Stories of the uncertain beginnings of the grape and of well-known California winemakers who have tried to push this grape to its outer limit.   
General Interest  G04  Cellaring Wine  Cox, Jeff  A Complete Guide to Selecting, Building and Managing Your Wine Collection  2003 
General Interest  G05  Exploring Missouri Wine Country  Dufur, Brett    1997 
General Interest  G06  Homegrown Hops  Beach, David R.  An Illustrated How-to-do-it Manual  1988 
General Interest  G07  How and Why to Build a Wine Cellar  Gold, Richard  Philosophy and complete instructions for several versions of a storage cellar   
General Interest  G08  How to Enjoy Wine (video)  Johnson, Hugh  A good-natured look at wine snobbery   
General Interest  G09  The Ultimate Wine Lover's Guide  DuBose, Fred and Spingam, Evan  Over 1000 great wine selections  2006 
General Interest  G10  Wineries of Wisconsin and Minnesota  Monaghan, Patricia  paperback   
General Interest  G11  A Vineyard in Napa  Shafer, Doug And Danny Meyer  Hardcover, recommended by Joe Palla  2012 
General Interest  G12  Harvests of Joy  Robert Mondavi  My passion for excellence - How the Good Life Became Great Business (hardcover)  1998 
General Interest  G13  Minnesota Winery Stories: Minnesota's Wineries, Wines and Winemakers  Lynch, Diane and Dick Osgood  Donated by Croatts, Nov 2014  2014 
General Interest  G14  I'll Drink To That: Beaujolais and the French Peasant Who Made It The Most Popular Wine  Chelminski, Rudolph  The remarkable saga of the wine and people of Beaujolais and Georges Duboeuf, the peasant lad who brought both world recognition.  2007 
General Interest  G15  The House of Mondavi  Siler, Julia  The rise and fall of an American wine dynasty  2007 
General Interest  G16  The Emperor of Wine: The Rise of Robert Parker and the Reign of American Taste  McColy, Elin  First edition  2006 
General Interest  G17  Uncorking a Lie: A Sommelier Mystery  Nettmann, Nadine  First edition, Fictional mystery story with suggested wine pairing for each chapter.  2017 
General Interest  G18  The Billionaire's Vinegar: The Mystery of the World's Most Expensive Bottle of Wine  Wallace, Benjamin  The rivetingly strange story of the world's most expensive bottle of wine, and the even stranger characters whose lives have intersected with it.  2008 
General Interest  G19  Wine & War: The French, the Nazis & the Battle for France's Greatest Treasure  Kladstrup, Don and Petie  Paperback  2002 
General Interest  G20  The Widow Cliquot  Mazzeo, Tilar J.  Paperback. The story of a Champagne empire and the woman who ruled it.  2009 
 General InterestG21  Tony Aspler's Cellar Book Aspler, TonyHow to Design, Build, Stock, and Manage Your Wine Cellar Wherever You Live2009 
 General InterestG22 The Beer Book Hampson, TimListing more than 800 breweries and 1700 beers from all over the world.2008 
Periodicals  P01  Practical Winery & Vineyard  Neel, Don (editor)  Bi-monthly trade journal, with some articles of interest to the amateur.  2013 to 2018 
Periodicals  P02  Winemaker  Editorial Board - monthly  Magazine dedicated to amateur winemaking.  2014 to present 
Periodicals  P03  Wine Business Monthly  Editorial Board - monthly  Business publication that acquired Practical Winery & Vineyard in 2019. Covers wine business and commercial winemaking.  2019 to present 
Wine Education  E01  A Life Uncorked  Johnson, Hugh  new hardcover acquisition in 2007. Replaced item 12/09.   
Wine Education  E02  Alsace Wines  Pamela Vandyke Price  Wines of the Alsace region in France   
Wine Education  E03  Beginner's Guide to Understanding Wine  Schuster, Michael  Title tells all. replaced 12/09   
Wine Education  E04  Exploring Wine  Kolpan, Steven et al.  The Culinary Institute of America's complete guide to wines of the world  2002 
Wine Education  E05  How to Improve Your Wine Judging Ability  Marcus, Irving H.    1974 
Wine Education   E06  How to Taste: A Guide to Enjoying Wine  Robinson, Jancis    2000 
Wine Education  E07  Jancis Robinson's Wine Course (video)  Robinson, Jancis  A ten-part series on five VHS tapes, as seen on PBS.   
Wine Education  E08  John Cleese - Wine for the Confused (DVD)  Cleese, John  A humorous / educational look at wine appreciation   
Wine Education  E09  Liquid Gold, Dessert Wines of the World  Brook, Stephen  A complete book on the world's dessert wines.  1987 
Wine Education  E10  Making Sense of Wine  Young, Alan  Sensorial evaluation of wine   
Wine Education   E11  Oz Clarke's Let Me Tell You About Wine: A Beginner's Guide to Understanding and Enjoying Wine  Clarke, Oz  Hardcover - Britain's most popular wine writer, is totally in tune with what novice wine enthusiasts want to know, learn, and, most importantly, enjoy about the fruit of the vine.  2010 
Wine Education  E12  Reading between the Wines  Theise, Terry  Hardcover. "He sure as heck knows German and Austrian wines better than any human I know. Also, Theise wanders off into flights of psychobabble that are just a tad too much"  2010 
Wine Education  E13  Red, White and Drunk All Over  MacLean, Natalie  Entertaining as well as educational, a quick read. New addition 12/09  2006 
Wine Education  E14  Rogov's Guide to Israeli Wines  Rogov, Daniel  Used, but in good shape. Added March 2010  2008 
Wine Education   E15  Sauternes  Benson & MacKenzie  Exploring the dessert wines of Sauternes   
Wine Education  E16  Sherry  Jeffs, Julian  First published in 1961; Fifth Edition. From the Mitchell Beazley wine series.  2004 
Wine Education  E17  St Emilion  Ginestet, Bernard  A guide to the wines of St Emilion in Bordeaux. Replaced 12/09   
Wine Education  E18  The Judgement of Paris    1976 Wine competition that put California wines on the map. Donated by Steve Kroll, Aug 2011   
Wine Education  E19  The University Wine Course  Baldy, Marion  A wine appreciation text and self tutorial  1993 
Wine Education  E20  To Cork or Not To Cork  Taber, George M.  Tradition, Romance, Science and the Battle for the Wine Bottle, Donated by Steve Kroll August 2011  2007 
Wine Education  E21  Vino Italiano - The Regional Wines of Italy  Bastionich, Joseph and Lynch, David   Nancy Wood donation in 2011   2002 
Wine Education   E22  Vintage - A History of Wine (video)  Johnson, Hugh  A 13-episode PBS series explores the world of wine (4 VHS tapes)   
Wine Education  E23  Wine 101: France, CA North Coast, CA Central Coast (video)    3 VHS video tapes  1997 
Wine Education  E24  Wines of the World  Simon, Andre L.  An encyclopedia with some useful historic information  1967 
Wine Education  E25  Winetaster's Secrets  Sharp, Andrew  The Wine Appreciation Guild   
Wine Education  E26  Cabernet Sauvignon  Harry Eyres  Donation from Kendall and Bonny Ronning in 2012  1991 
Wine Education  E27  The Wonder of Wine  Edouard Kressman  Donation from Kendall and Bonny Ronning in 2012  1968 
Wine Education  E28  The Wine Savant: A Guide to the New Wine Culture  Steinberger, Michael  "Insights to educate and entertain..." - Bill Ward, MPLS Star Tribune  2013 
Wine Education  E29  Conserve Water, Drink Wine  Jackson, Ronald S.  A consumer's textbook to wine enjoyment. (paperback)  1997 
Wine Education  E30  The World Atlas of Wine, A Complete Guide to the Wines & Spirits of the World  Johnson, Hugh  Older rare book, donated by Lonny   1971 
Wine Education  E31  Money, taste, and wine: it's complicated  Veseth, Mike  Wine economist examines aspects of the wine industry and wine enthusiast experience.  2015 
Wine Education  E32  Wine Wars: the curse of the Blue Nun, the miracle of Two Buck Chuck, and the revenge of the terroirists  Veseth, Mike  The compelling story of the war between the market trends that are redrawing the world wine map and the 'terroirists' who resist them.  2012 
Wine Education  E33  Neurogastronomy: How the Brain Creates Flavor and Why It Matters  Shepard, Gordon M.  A path-breaking account of flavor from how we perceive it to how it affects society.  2012 
Wine Education  E34  Appellation Napa Valley: Building and Protecting an American Treasure  Mendelson, Richard  added March 2017   
Wine Education  E35  Cork Dork: A Wine-Fueled Adventure Among the Obsessive Sommeliers, Big Bottle Hunters, and Rogue Scientists who taught me to live for taste.  Bosker, Bianca  added July 2017  2017 
Wine Education  E36  Wine Folly: the Essential Guide to Wine  Puckette, Madeline and Hammeck, Justin  added July 2017  2015 
Wine Education  E37  Somm (DVD)  Wise, Jason and Tucker, Christina  added July 2017  2013 
Wine Education  E38  Wine-Tasters' Logic: Thinking About Wine and Enjoying It  Simon, Pat  Paperback on learning how to taste in a systematic manner.  2000 
Wine Education  E39  Wine for Dummies, 3rd Edition  McCarthy, Ed and Mary Ewing-Mulligan  Added Fall 2019  2003 
Wine Education  E40  Somm III (DVD)  Wise, Jason  Third in the Somm series, this one reviews the Judgment of Paris and does a follow-up tasting. 78 minutes + bonus features  2018 
Wine Education E41Gene Ford's One Hour Wine Experts Ford, Gene 1 VHS video tape 1997
Wine Education  E42  Godforsaken Grapes  Wilson, Jason  Hardcover. A slightly tipsy journey through the world of strange, obscure and under-appreciated wine  2018 
Wine Education  E43  The Wine Bible MacNeil, Karen 910 pages on everything about wine appreciation, especially wine regions of the world. 10th printing
Winemaking (Enology)   M01  Concepts in Wine Chemistry  Margalit, Yair  A university-level treatise on wine chemistry.  A more recent copy donated in memory of Mark Voelker 2004 
Winemaking (Enology)   M02  Encyclopedia of Home Winemaking I, Fermentation and Winemaking Methods  Deapeau, Pierre and Vanasse, Andre  replaced 2011   
Winemaking (Enology)   M03  From Vines to Wines  Cox, Jeff  The complete explanation of winemaking by a famous "organic" grower and author.   Two copies  
Winemaking (Enology)   M04  Grapes into Wine  Wagner, Philip  A good beginner's book with some history added.  1988 
Winemaking (Enology)   M05  Guide to Better Wine and Beer Making for Beginners  Tritton, S.M.  Three copies of this paperback.  1965 
Winemaking (Enology)   M06  Guide to Wine Grapes  Robinson, Jancis  An encyclopedia of wine grape varieties and the quality of wines they produce.   
Winemaking (Enology)   M07  Home Winemaking Step by Step  Iverson, Jon  A Guide to Fermenting Wine Grapes (third edition)  2000 
Winemaking (Enology)   M08  Knowing and Making Wine  Peynaud, Emile  An excellent "third" book as you climb the education ladder.  Replace d item 12/09 1984 
Winemaking (Enology)   M09  Making Wine at Home the Professional Way (video)  Cutler, Lance  1 VHS video tape   ND
Winemaking (Enology)   M10  Malolactic Fermentation in Wine  Panel of authors  Lallemand publication, collection of looseleaf papers  2005 
Winemaking (Enology)   M11  Methods for Analysis of Musts and Wine  Ough, Amerine, et al.  A technical treatment for the serious student   
Winemaking (Enology)   M12  Modern Winemaking  Jackisch, Philip  A good "second" book after you understand the basics   
Winemaking (Enology)   M13  Northern Winework  Plocher, Tom and Parke, Bob  A "must read" for those interested in growing and making wine from cold-hardy hybrids.  1st ed. 2002, 2nd ed. 2009 
Winemaking (Enology)   M14  Techniques in Home Winemaking  Pambianchi, Daniel  A Practical Guide to Making Chateau-Style Wines, from the technical editor of Winemaker magazine  2002 
Winemaking (Enology)   M15  Techniques in Home Winemaking: The Comprehensive Guide to Making Chateau-Style Wines Pambianchi, Daniel   Paperback, Latest edition, added Sept 2011   2008 
Winemaking (Enology)   M16  The Art and Science of Home Winemaking (video)  American Wine Society  Basic winemaking, illustrated   
Winemaking (Enology)   M17  The Complete Handbook of Winemaking  American Wine Society  A good "how-to" book for beginners or experienced winemakers   
Winemaking (Enology)   M18  The Science of Wine: From Vine to Glass  Goode, Jamie  hardcover  2005 
Winemaking (Enology)   M19  The Vintner's Art: How Great Wines Are Made  Johnson, Hugh and Halliday, James  A collaboration of Johnson and Halliday, both good wine writers.  1992 
Winemaking (Enology)   M20  The Winemaker's Answer Book  Crowe, Alison  “A handy little book that explains winemaking in terms and techniques in a friendly clear tone.” Sacramento Magazine. new addition March 2010  2007 
Winemaking (Enology)   M21  UC Davis Winemaking Series (video)  UC Davis  18 lessons on 4 VHS tapes  ND 
Winemaking (Enology)  M22  Wine Faults: Causes, Effects, Cures   Huddelson, John Ph.D.   Paperback, added Sept 2011   2011 
Winemaking (Enology)   M23  Wine Science (3rd edition)  Jackson, Ronald S.  hardcover  2008 
Winemaking (Enology)   M24  Winemaking Basics  Ough, Cornelius  For the advanced or commercial winemaker  1992 
Winemaking (Enology)   M25  Winemaking from Grapes to Marketplace  Vine, R., et al.  Good marketing information   
Winemaking (Enology)   M26  Winery Technology and Operations  Margalit, Yair  A "how-to" handbook for small commercial wineries.  Replaced item 12/09 1990 
Winemaking (Enology)   M27  Wines From a Small Garden, Planting to Bottling  Page-Roberts, James  From planting and pruning the vines to picking, pressing, and fermenting the grapes to making and bottling the wine  1995 
Winemaking (Enology)  M28  Enjoy Home Winemaking: A Guide for Beginners  Frishman, Robert and Eileen  Donation from Kendall and Bonny Ronning in 2012  1979, 1995 ed 
Winemaking (Enology)  M29  Understanding Wine Technology, 3rd Edition - The Science of Wine Explained  Bird, David  Paperback, New edition, added January 2013  2011 
Winemaking (Enology)  M31  Postmodern Winemaking: Rethinking the Modern Science of an Ancient Craft  Smith, Clark  Recommendation of Bill Ward, MPLS Star Tribune   
Winemaking (Enology)  M32  Growing Grapes in Minnesota  MN Grape Growers Association  Donated by Bob Parke, Nov 2014  1990 
Winemaking (Enology)  M33  Growing Grapes in Minnesota  MN Grape Growers Association  Donated by Bob Parke, Nov 2014  1991 
Winemaking (Enology)  M34  Growing Grapes in Minnesota  MN Grape Growers Association  Donated by Bob Parke, Nov 2014  2006 
Winemaking (Enology)  M35  Sunlight into Wine: A Handbook for Wine Grape Canopy Management  Smart, Richard E.  Donated by Bob Parke, Nov 2014  1991 
Winemaking (Enology)  M36  Winegrowing in Eastern America: An Illustrated Guide to Viticulture East of the Rockies  Morton, Lucie T.  History, nature and wine regions, with good appendices.  1985 
Winemaking (Enology)  M37  The Grape Grower: A Guide to Organic Viticulture  Rombough, Lon  Donated by Bob Parke, Nov 2014  2002 
Winemaking (Enology)  M38  Smokey Mountain Wines, and how to make them  Mahan, Paul E.  Older rare book, donated by Lonny  1973 
Winemaking (Enology)  M39  Cider making, using and enjoying sweet & hard cider  Proulx, Annie and Lew Nichols  3rd Edition, donated by Larry Moore  2003 
Winemaking (Enology)  M40  The Joy of Home Winemaking  Garey, Terry A.  Originally 1996. Covers fresh, canned, dried fruit, vegetable, herb, seed and grain wines.  2005 
Winemaking (Enology)  M41  Basic Wine Ananlysis (VIDEO)  Rey, Kimberly  1 VHS video tape, from Southwest State University, MO  2002 
Winemaking (Enology)  M42  Introduction to Winemaking (DVD)  Sommer, Joel  DVD from Winepress.US  2010 
Winemaking (Enology) M43The Way To Make Wine: How to craft supurb table wines at homeWarrick, SheridanUniversity of California Press, a book for both beginners and the experienced
Winemaking (Enology) M44The Complete Guide to Making Your Own Wine at HomePeragine, JohnA good starter book for those getting into winemaking at home 2010
Winemaking (Enology) M45Wild Wine Making Bender, RichardEasy and Adventurous Recipes Going Beyond Grapes



Winemaking (Enology) M46 The Big Book of CidermakingShockey, Christopher and Kirsten K. Expert Techniques for Fermenting and Flavoring your favorite Hard Cider 2020
Winemaking (Enology) M47The Homebuilt Winery Hughes, Steve43 projects for Building and Using Winemaking Equipment. Useful tools that you can make yourself.2012 

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