Minnesota State Fair Wine Competition

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The annual wine competition at the Minnesota State Fair is held in the Ag-Hort-Bee department, division of Fruits and Wines.  The categories, deadlines, rules, etc. are contained in the annual “Premium Book”.  The "Premium Book" is normally available via the State Fair website on or after May 1.  The following URL should contain information on downloading the "Premium Book" when it is available:  


The following categories of wine (lots) are judged separately:

001      Red grape table wine, 100% MN grapes

002      Red grape table wine, any other source

003      White grape table wine, 100% MN grapes

004      White grape table wine, any other source

005      Rosé grape table wine, 100% MN grapes

006      Rosé grape table wine, any other source

007      Labrusca (Concord-type) table wine

008      Any other grape wine

009      Sparkling wine, 100% MN fruit

010      Sparkling wine, any other source

011      Rhubarb wine

012      Apple wine

013      Elderberry wine

014      Chokecherry wine

015      Raspberry wine

016      Plum wine

017      Cherry wine

018      Any other berry wine

019      Dessert wine

020      Port wine

021      Any fortified wine

022      Any other wine

Ribbons are awarded in each lot for first through fifth place.

Points are awarded for 1st through 3rd place ribbons in each lot. The individual with the greatest number of points is awarded the Sweepstakes prize (designated as lot 023).  In recent years, the Sweepstakes prize has often been won by a member of the Purple Foot Club!

"The Purple Foot" is a 501(c)(7) non-profit organization. 

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