Club Competitions

The club normally conducts two general competitions each year, along with several special competitions in particular types of wine.  The rules governing these competitions are here: 

 Rules for Purple Foot Wine Competitions

      Entry forms for the competition can be printed here: 

Purple Foot Entry Form x4.pdf

      Results of Competitions:

2024 Winter Wine Competition

The Winter Wine Competition is the main annual competition, held at the regular membership meeting in February.  As of 2020, the Competition will use the following categories:

  • Non-vinifera White Grape
  • Non-vinifera Red Grape
  • Any White Grape
  • Any Red Grape
  • Berry Fruit
  • Non-berry Fruit
  • Specialty (all other - flower, vegetable, rosé, sparkling, fortified, etc.)
  • Aged wine (five years or older)

These revised categories were discussed extensively in the November 2013 newsletter.  In a nutshell:

  • The non-vinifera grape categories are intended mainly for locally-grown grape varieties.  Because these varieties tend to be more challenging to deal with, these must consist of 100% non-vinifera grapes.  

  • The "any" grape categories are intended for traditional vinifera grape varieties, as well as blends of vinifera and non-vinifera grapes.  Any white or red grapes are allowable, but the wine must be 100% from grapes.

  • The berry and non-berry fruit categories should contain no grapes, only non-grape fruits.  Wines which are blends of berry and non-berry fruits (e.g., Peach / Strawberry) should be entered in whichever category matches the predominant fruit.

  • Wines which do not fit any of the first six categories (the "core" catetgories) should be entered in the Specialty category.  These would include blends of grape and non-grape fruits (e.g., Pomegranate / Zinfandel), as well as flower wines (dandelion), vegetable wine (parsnip), etc.  Any fortified wine must be entered in this category.

  • Aged wines (of any sort) are a separate category, and must be at least 5 years old.  (Age is measured from the start of fermentation to the competition date).

The other major competition is the Nouveau Competition, held annually in the spring (normally May). The categories are the same as the Winter Wine Competition (excluding the 'Aged' category), with the added requirement that the wine must be no more than one year old at the date of competition.

The Nouveau categories are as follows:

  • Non-vinifera White Grape Nouveau
  • Non-vinifera Red Grape Nouveau
  • Any White Grape Nouveau 
  • Any Red Grape Nouveau 
  • Berry Fruit Nouveau 
  • Non-berry Fruit Nouveau 
  • Specialty Nouveau

In addition to the two main competitions each year, the club holds several specialty competitions.  Currently these include the Apple Wine Competition, normally held at the November general meeting, and the Rhubarb Challenge, now held at the May general meeting.  Separate entries must be submitted for these, and the level of feedback to entrants is more limited than for the regular competitions.  Winners receive custody of the applicable traveling trophies for the year following each competition.

"The Purple Foot" is a 501(c)(7) non-profit organization. 

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