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  • April 22, 2023 3:49 PM
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    I'm in agreement with Doug Hudson's comments.  I will reiterate his point that In Winemaking, Time is Your Best Friend.  Most wines can be cleared with gravity and time alone. 

    In the event you need a quicker option, which happens, we have also used a Whole House Water Filter, either while racking or bottling, that can be purchased online and locally.  THIS is the one we use.  Inexpensive filter elements, like THIS 5 micron, can be purchased as need.  Other micron ratings can also be found.  Like the Buon Vino, new filter(s) would be used for each filtering session.  It can filter with gravity racking/bottling, but many winemakers have found Steve Helspers All-In-One Wine Pump to be an excellent investment for multiple winemaking activities, including speeding up this type of filtering.

  • March 06, 2023 4:24 PM
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    For reds, I rarely filter them - if they are pretty clear, that's usually good enough.  For whites, though, they show haze pretty quickly.  If you rack very carefully before bottling, and leave a bottle or two of wine in the carboy, you can probably bottle without filtering.  (Save the last bit of wine from the carboy for use in cooking, or ???)   A Buon Vino mini-jet is a couple hundred dollars, I think.  And you go through a set of pads each time you use it, which is something like $3 to $5 per set, depending on where you get them.  While not absolutely necessary, a filter is probably one of the first things you'll want to buy (new or used) when you get serious about winemaking.   That and a really nice floor corker.   That's my two cents.

  • March 04, 2023 9:20 AM
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    I’m a newbie member and winemaker, fermenting my second batch of wine using must from Midwest Supplies (also beer brewer since 2017). 

    Appreciate advice on filtration. My Sauvignon Blanc is now 4 months in bulk, been transferred twice so still a small amount of residue in the bottom of carboy.

    Q: Is there an effective and inexpensive way to filter the wine headed into the bottling bucket before I bottle? Is it necessary to filter? Tell me your journey.

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